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Anese Choi

Anese Eun Cho is a New York artist from Seoul, Korea of Mongolian origin. Her positive spirit has broken through all of the boxes that have surrounded her in life. She has conquered many challenges and succeeded in being an untameable warrior with an energetic soul encased in love and hope. Her works reflect uplfting energy, strength and fortitude. Its healing powers are limitless and undemanding towards the individual viewer.


Anese Eun Cho welcomes all on her journey, a path that has no end.

​Special thanks to Armand Dimele, Robert Glaisek and Anne-Marie Duchene.

Extream V

Sterling Silver Pendant with Onyx

Extreme V is inspired by the power of the curve. A brushstroke curve shows the speed of motion.  The female curve shows sensuality, endurance, and continuity.  Extreme V illuminates the curve of a woman's décolletage, effortlessly bringing regard to what was meant to be regarded.

anese jewelry
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