with Jin Choi

When you look at Jin Choi's artwork, you’ll see many lines. Each line means the life of an individual.

When you follow a line, you’ll return back to the starting point.


This is a concept of rebirth; the pure spirit is coming back with a different physical body


And these lines form a systematic circulation, No single line overlap with other lines.

One cannot live other lives and therefore life is entirely on themselves.

However, each life is an assembly of one big picture.

We found some motivation from her artwork and design a new collaboration collection line.


Organized Chaos



The work consists of circles and lines. The image in my work symbolizes the paths that many people take in life. Each circle represents an individual's life, however, the circles don't intersect. They live in solitude, isolated from the others. Each circle was carefully formed by carving either sculptural objects or patterns on canvas.

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