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“Healing in City”


The city is a vessel that fills people.
In the city, the history of people's lives is piled up step by step, and traces of them remain everywhere. Especially in New York, skyscrapers built in different shapes and structures, intricately connected roads, and parks to relax are a fantastic combination. The blend of 100-year-old historic buildings and high-rise buildings built with cutting-edge technology gives you an ecstatic feeling of enjoying the past and the present while riding a time machine. Therefore, walking the streets of the city is not boring. New York makes people want to walk, brings joy to every moment, and is full of various stories.

However, humans and cities were cut off due to the Pandemics, which began in early 2020. The city has been transformed into a haunted city where people do not live, and humans can no longer get pleasure from the city. As we passed through the difficult tunnels of the Pandemics, we saw the deaths of our loved ones and faced a difficult financial situation. But through this time, we were able to look back on the meaning and purpose of life we had forgotten.
In the time of the currently stopped city, I, as an artist, began my artwork to remind me of the beautiful city we know of through my paintings until the day when the dark tunnel was over. At least, I would like to show you this exhibition in hopes of a better tomorrow, supporting you who have overcome the pain through my paintings.       

                                                                                                               HYOBIN KWON

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